Supporting R Kelly

I have only watched two episodes of surviving R Kelly, and first let me state apologies to the alleged victims. But, why are people still supporting R Kelly? In the black community, people are not as accepting when it comes to believing things. And I feel like with pedophilia it is not a Black associated crime. In other words, pedophilia associated with a black male, in addition to a celebrity figure has historically not been on the nightly, weekly, or monthly news. Crimes committed by blacks or those of African descent are typically found in the black market or fall under petty crimes. This case also kind of crosses over to the #BlackLivesMatter too movement.  R Kelly has been protected thus far from any type of imprisonment over the years. With the current conflict with law enforcement and African American citizens, some people limbo between the statement: Yes, I want him punished, but do I want him to be handed over to the officer who killed Mr. Brown? The second problem with R Kelly and the #metoo movement in general is the time period. Some of the women have had their day in court and have received monetary payment. And the biggest question with that is, why now? Thus far, no one has outright said R Kelly promised me fame. Then collectively as I listen to the adult’s versions of what was happening, the behavior was acceptable. Therefore, it becomes a matter of everyone is to blame. There was a person in the documentary who had admitted to seeing underaged girls at a party and did absolutely nothing. A few of the victims were of legal consent in their respective states. Furthermore, there are celebrities who have made similar infractions and should be coinciding in the limelight with R Kelly. Last, but not least, historically it has been a way of life and culturally acceptable for a man to have a younger female.

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