Mis-commonality Duality

What’s your name? Different

What’s your favorite color? Paradox

What’s your favorite food? Jumbo shrimp

What’s your favorite song? Sang a different song

What do you do? Something that behooves

How do you set the mood? What’s it to you?

How old are you? I didn’t attend mathematics school

What’s your talent? Find it

Have you heard what celebrity sowed? No

What’s your favorite show? Something you don’t know

What’s your problem? You’re trying to find duality in mis-commonality.

Instead of hanging with Ombre you’d rather hang out with Andre.

Going from job to job just to sob when you know your talents are of God

Joining the team when you know there’s only me

Trying different seams when you know it ain’t your scene

It’s ok to survive just recognize when it’s not kin inside

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