Shitting Love

I’m sitting in my room and I’m writing a love scene for my characters. My room is located next to the restroom. Guess what? Frankie must use the restroom. I continued writing thinking they will be out in a second. But there is a gradual change in the room’s air pressure. My character’s Mia and Joe are in the middle of licking each other. Now, as a writer I’m sure you’ve been in two places at the same time. Your mind is gone with the wind, or the restroom in this case, and your hand is on the paper. However, through a covered nose and a perfumed shirt I continued. The words I wrote are as follows: He shit the lips of her honey, using the cup of his hand. Avoiding the, what the hell? And so, my hand took a brief intermission and the liberty of lighting scented candles. Frankie leaves the bathroom and Mia and Joe needs to be released. Enjoy below! No, no, not below the waistline! Right here on the page.


He shut the lips of her honey, using the cup of his hand. Avoiding the subtle darts of her tongue as he circled the outline of her lips. His tongue married the residual wetness of her being. Seeking the impressions of her laugh lines, he penetrated the shallow depths. He fused the two paths into one as he dropped his tongue onto her neck. He sucked with gratitude, leaving red marks of passion in her cinnamon skin. He made sure to outline the rings and the pit where her hitched breaths could be heard. His eyes traveled down onto the regions of her budded breasts and his tanned hand followed suit. The paled comparison made his member rise, but he wondered if he could mold it even more using the orifice of his mouth. Feeding from the outline of her areoles he feasted until his head was pushed to swallow more. Joe, however, wasn’t quite satisfied with his work, he wanted to push her even more. He wanted her to scream. Cupping her breast, he removed the heat of his mouth to her dismay. Taking the end of his narrowed tongue, he dipped into the regions of her belly. Licking and pressing unto the rock of her hips, Mia screamed of passion and the wet mouth of her panties…

I hope you enjoyed! Now, go grab your partner or your hand and lick it, press it, and stroke it away.

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