Once Upon A Ni*ger

Once upon a time…

In a town by the forest, there lived a beautiful woman, who lived in a house of white privilege. The woman was called Nurse, because she fixed the people who hurt. Nurse worked for Mr. Ward who hired her onboard. One bright morning, Mr. Ward gave her a call to tell her all.

Good morning. How do you do? I have an order not too tall and not too short for you. Your assignment is the Colonel Blimps, they live by the forest. Here, I’ll give you a hint.

The message was encrypted.

Thank you, Mr. Ward. I will leave right away!

Nurse set her gear and went to steer. The instruction read: Follow the road just ahead and you’ll see Caucasus just ahead. Now what Nurse didn’t know was that construction was slow and GPS was off road. So, she got out and skipped the path, singing just the facts…

Photo by Bestbe Models on Pexels.com

Black face black face just another nigger with a case

Black face black face just another nigger with a case

On the way she found a stash and examined the items fast…

A rope to stand

A bullet to brand

And a fist to go BAM

But it was all forgotten once she got back in the car. After all the land was sprawl. When she arrived the land of Caucasus was array. One shed, and a burnt house ahead she wandered down a graveled road with a mail head. The Nurse knocked on the door.

Who is it? A voice called.

The Nurse lifted her voice and said, It’s me Nurse from Mr. Ward here.

Come on in

But Mrs. Blimps reared!

My oh my! I’ve never had a nigger here. What great big lips and your size dear.

Photo by George Becker on Pexels.com

Who is that at the door? A voice came near.

It’s a nigger dear, Mrs. Blimps shouted.

My oh my. How have the times changed? It’s a scare. I’ve been seeing you niggers everywhere.

Why sorry. No need to fear. Do you need a bandage somewhere?

My pockets, my sockets, my land outside it.

Oh Mr. Blimp…I didn’t mean to cause you a fit!

It’s ok Nurse. Look-a-here. I’ve been friends with you people for over 35 years.

One Black I dare?

Don’t matter. Clean this mess up ‘roun here, and feed Blackie, she’s nine months and fierce!

Oh, look at that dear- Mrs. Blimp pointed. She likes the Nurse. I guess it’s the Blackie calling the nigger. Hahaha.

Photo by Alturas Homes on Pexels.com

The Blimps went on and on, until one day they decided the Nurse wasn’t going home.

Where’s my bullet? Let’s shoot it!

No, no Mr. Blimp! Don’t Do It!

Nigger you outta die!

That’s a lie. I’ve done nothing but provide. Please just let me go and you’ll never see my hide!

Get out!

Nurse left she was a mess. They just tried to take her life over her depth.

Black face black face just another nigger with a case

Black face black face just another nigger with a case

One day while walking past the landscape, the Nigger Lover heard a cry. It was a strange fruit that hung up high.

Photo by ahmed adly on Pexels.com

The Nigger Lover cried out, it wasn’t right. But that day was just another…

Black face black face just another nigger named Willie John Jr.

Black face black face just another nigger named Terrence Crutcher




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