Immigration Hotline

When I first got my phone, it had features such as: a 16 MP OIS (F1.9) rear facing camera, a front 5 MP (F1.9) camera, dimensions- 70.1 X 142.1 X 7.0 mm (132g), 3D gaming power efficiency, quad HD- 2560 * 1440, 5.1 in, 577 ppl, Samsung pay, and stay fit.

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All the things I didn’t have a clue as to what they meant. All I knew was that it came in five different colors, black, black sapphire, gold, gold edge, and white. I picked black- at least that’s what I think I picked! I haven’t removed this full-proof case in a while. Also, it cost half the down price on a used little sedan, and it was cute! The phone number they had selected was an original area code of (215), (267), not that (445) area code they picked for the newcomers. What they didn’t tell me was that I was America’s new immigration officer. I mean every five minutes my hotline blinged.

Caller # 1: Hi, my name is Xingie and I need assistance with the N-400.

Caller # 2: Blllrrr… I ne ugh teen car.

Caller # 3: Hello…hello.

I never had so many phone calls in my life to this day! But, nonetheless, being the good officer that I am, I gave a referral.

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