Mistaken Through

I am using this week to take a step back. When I first wrote my novel, it was through intense emotion, and to get away, I wound up writing half of my novel. However, I thought the best way to get to know the characters and minor plots was to write into utopia. Somehow, everything would align, and I would discover who my characters are along the way. That still holds true, but a little planning goes a lot away! How I discovered this is when I decided to dive into a new story, but considering the mistakes I made previously; which were, not knowing the characters fully, not knowing the scene to scene, the extras, etc.… So, objectively I looked at resources such as, how to make a plot? How to extend the plot? How to select seasons, etc…? And, really looking at my favorite authors like Brenda Jackson, Iris Bolling, Rochelle Alers, and seeing what it really takes to be a beast in the romance industry. I am still learning, but what I want to do is act from a blank page, really get to know these people-really important, especially for series, my plot, and making my mistakes better, and avoiding them when possible! Below are a few resources I’ve used.



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