A Writer of Romance and Creativity

Elise Williams aka E.C.Wrytes is a Philadelphia native, born and raised in “The City of Brotherly Love.” Elise was always a lover of the arts. Her first interaction with pen and paper produced thought provoking poetry, such as “Hell”. This soon developed into reading novelists such as Stephanie Moore, Rochelle Alers, and an all-time favorite Brenda Jackson. The love inspired words serviced her to write a personal letter to colleges centered around the all-purpose seasoning, Mrs. Dash. A letter that is still used for the 12 Plus Foundation, an organization that helps inner-city, young- adults pursue post-secondary education. After selecting a college to be inspired by farm animals and detach from the fast-paced city life, she found herself as a nursing student at Indiana University of PA. While at clinicals and working on the floors as an aide after school, she gathered the experience of different cultures, lifestyles, and perspectives. However, her love of the English craft never shifted too far from her mind and lead her to ditch nursing and add a dash of English.