My Fight With A Mango

This alkalic recipe called for papaya, mango, and raspberries, and a blender. There I was on a Saturday morning excited to get healthy. I had extracted my items and started shaving and cutting the papaya. Then, I pondered the outside appearance between papaya and mango. When I came to the 50/50 conclusion that they differed, by the slight peak at the end of the papaya, … Continue reading My Fight With A Mango

Book Review: Alkaline Diet

Title: Alkaline Diet: The Complete Alkaline Diet Guide for Beginners: Cookbook for Weight Loss, understand pH, Alkaline Foods, Eat Healthy and Well Author: Simone Press Genre: Cookbook Publication Date: 2019 Do you want to know what the effect of eating alkaline food is? If you’ve ever wanted better energy and vitality, better mood, a slimmer body, glowing skin and freedom from sickness and anxiety, then … Continue reading Book Review: Alkaline Diet

Juror Questionnaire

To those of you who follow me on Facebook (, you would know I had the pleasure of being an eligible juror. I only made it to the questionnaire, before being dismissed. So, I took it upon myself to perform a cross-examination. Please print your name: I wonder if I put the wrong name down and the right participant number, if they would know it … Continue reading Juror Questionnaire