St. 54

“‘Are you like a crazy person?’ – Evey ‘I am most certain they will say so.’ – V” – V for Vendetta The supposed pain filled her exposed skin and cooled the anger of her chest. She matted the unclaimed married woman off her lips.  One minute. That’s all she had. Taking her first victim, she choked the white threads that silenced her many times. … Continue reading St. 54

Beta Reader Experience

Hi Wryters, So, last week I had the privilege of joining and experiencing a new writer’s group last week. The format that they followed included: writing challenges, critiques of submissions, and the study of an author who’d kept a consistent writing career. I would like to touch on the beta readers.  Now, I personally did not do any critiques, because there is a process to … Continue reading Beta Reader Experience

How to build a story using Newspaper Articles

Building a story can be done by a variety of methods. It can be inspired by imagination, family, friends, situations, and more. This article will discuss how to build a story from the news. The news provides a variety of perspectives, situations, and time periods. The genre and time period are two essential ingredients. The genre gives you a starting point. If you are writing … Continue reading How to build a story using Newspaper Articles