St. 54

“‘Are you like a crazy person?’ – Evey ‘I am most certain they will say so.’ – V” – V for Vendetta The supposed pain filled her exposed skin and cooled the anger of her chest. She matted the unclaimed married woman off her lips.  One minute. That’s all she had. Taking her first victim, she choked the white threads that silenced her many times. … Continue reading St. 54

My Fight With A Mango

This alkalic recipe called for papaya, mango, and raspberries, and a blender. There I was on a Saturday morning excited to get healthy. I had extracted my items and started shaving and cutting the papaya. Then, I pondered the outside appearance between papaya and mango. When I came to the 50/50 conclusion that they differed, by the slight peak at the end of the papaya, … Continue reading My Fight With A Mango

Juror Questionnaire

To those of you who follow me on Facebook (, you would know I had the pleasure of being an eligible juror. I only made it to the questionnaire, before being dismissed. So, I took it upon myself to perform a cross-examination. Please print your name: I wonder if I put the wrong name down and the right participant number, if they would know it … Continue reading Juror Questionnaire

Broken Coffee Machine: Bean-to-Bean Ground-to-Ground

I knew the day I adopted my coffee machine on 08/25/16 for $9.99 that it was priceless. She was beautiful, slim in the boot and thick in the waist. Her tar skin never belied the ink she so graciously poured, so that I can drink the poison of the bedstraw. But somehow and some way, someone of malicious intent did the unthinkable and split her … Continue reading Broken Coffee Machine: Bean-to-Bean Ground-to-Ground